We provide custom-tailored bioinformatics for your OMICS (Genomics, nutriomics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, microbiomics and viromics) data science project or integrative multi-OMICS data mining. Omics Data Solution employs dedicated tools on your next-generation sequencing data from clinical research, diagnostics, molecular biology, human genetics, clinical microbiology or microbial ecology.

We Provide

Our bioinformatics experts will assist and/or train you in identifying an optimal experimental design prior to the actual single or multi-OMICS profiling, as well as selecting the best suited Data analysis strategies and methods afterwards, to accomplish your specific research goals!
We can also provide you full bioinformatics pipelines.

We offer the pre-processing to result steps (i.e. data quality control, filtering, normalization, discovery of variants, annotation and enrichment) when starting from raw Genomics, nutriomics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, microbiomics and viromics.

We offer integrative systems level network-based single or multi-OMICS data analyses (i.e. Integromics or net-OMICS)

We can summarize your results in high-quality illustrative figures and write or review the bioinformatics part in your scientific publications or grant applications

Bioinformatics Downstream Analysis & Data Sciences

We offer the whole range of Bioinformatics Downstream Analysis and customized pipelines for your requirements and research needs.

Next Generation Sequencing

Our bioinformatics pipelines and tools facilitate precise detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions/deletions (InDels), and copy number variants (CNVs).

Health Prediction

Omics Data Solutions utilizes the latest machine learning algorithms to produce robust risk prediction models, that combine genetics with lifestyle and environment to predict important health outcomes.

Sport Omics

Omics Data Solutions utilizes the latest machine learning algorithms to facilitate discovery of the genetic and lifestyle influence on sporting performance, training response, injury predisposition, and other potential determinants of successful human performance.

Ancestry Discovery

Discover how your unique DNA may tell your origin and shape who you are and your family with the Omics Data Science DNA Health package and Software tool. We analyse your epigenomics data in state-of-the-art pipelines to produce publication-ready results

Latest Case Studies

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